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Hollow Threaded Anchor Bar

The principle of this Anchor System is characterised by a Hollow Tube that is threaded over its entire length. The thread is cold rolled onto the Seamless Pipe during the production process. With the use of a suitable drill head, this tube can be drilled into any possible base. The full-length thread makes it possible to use coupling sleeves to constantly connect pipe segments until the desired depth is reached.

The Hollow Tube functions as a Drill and Injection Tube during the installation process and as a tensile, compression and reinforcement element in the final phase. During installation, a bond is created between the grout body, the surrounding soil layers and the Hollow Tube acting as a tensile element. This creates a foundation element that can support tensile, compressive and cyclic loads. 

Various (custom) options are available for connecting the Anchor to the construction in the form of nuts, plates, anchor seats, etc.

The system is supplied as standard with base pipes in steel quality E500/700 and a minimum impact value of 27J at -20 ⁰C. We have a wide range of available diameters/wall thicknesses. Required segment lengths can be determined on a project-specific basis. Suitable and sufficient coupling sleeves and nuts are available for each Anchor Type.

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