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Solid Threaded Anchor Bar

This system consists of a Solid Round Steel Rod, which is threaded along its entire length. The thread is cold rolled onto the rod during the production process. The full-length thread makes it possible to connect bar segments to the desired length by means of coupling sleeves.

This massive system can be installed in the ground via a drilling process with single or double Casing Tubes, but can also be used as an Anchor between a quay wall and anchor wall construction.

Optionally, this system can be executed with double corrosion protection, whereby a plastic casing is placed around the steel rod, which is injected with grout. This process takes place under conditioned and controlled circumstances, which in principle results in an infinite life span.

Various (tailor-made) options are available for connecting the Anchor Rod to the construction in the form of nuts, plates, anchor seats, etc.

The system is available in two steel qualities (S355 and S500) and in a wide range of diameters. Because of the possibility to optimise the bar diameter down to the mm, it is possible to avoid the unnecessary use of too much steel. The careful and efficient use of raw materials is certainly an advantage here, our STAB System enables both cost- and environmentally-conscious Anchoring.

Suitable and sufficient coupling sleeves and nuts are available for every diameter.

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